Why Us
What Sets Us Apart From Others?
That’s easy. We're built to take you further—faster!
We do three things and we do them well—performance management, leadership development, and succession-exit planning. We’re experts at aligning the five key areas every firm must get right—people, strategy, execution, skills and culture:
  1. People—We help you get the right people in the right seats doing the right things.
  2. Strategy—We work with you to develop and deliver a master one-page strategic plan for clear direction and a competitive advantage.
  3. Execution—The best ideas and strategy in the world mean nothing if your team doesn’t execute. We get everyone on the same page, aligned and performing at their highest and best use.
  4. Skills—We assess your people to understand their capabilities and match them to the training, coaching and tools needed to do their job well. 
  5. Culture—Often overlooked by senior executives, a strong corporate culture infused in the DNA of all employees can make the difference between a firm being mediocre or extraordinary.
Sandy Blaha is a performance management, leadership development and succession-exit planning expert.  As an author, presenter, trainer, facilitator and coach, Sandy builds organizational capacity with a focus on strategy, leadership development, talent assessment and execution discipline.  She works with owners and senior executives nationwide to insure their companies’ legacies. 

Ms. Blaha is the author of Passing the Torch: A Toolkit for Leadership Development and Transition, Stepping Stones: 5 Essential Steps for Transition Success, Exit Planning: The Leadership Succession Challenge and The Leadership Mindset™.

Performance Clients' ROI
On Average, Performance Clients Experience:
  • 30% to 50% Sales Growth
  • 80% Greater Top Talent Retention
  • 30% Reduction in Daily Operations Time
  • 100% Alignment of Key Players