Take Stock in Your Company's Talent
How do you get your personnel to look at their strengths and challenges in a productive, non-threatening way? 
The Answer is Assessments

One of the most powerful aspects of assessment data is that it makes the invisible visible.  It turns subjective feelings into objective data.  When completed by an unbiased outside third party the result is a partnership in learning and development between the employee and your company.  When you add a personalized development plan, your employees have an enhanced opportunity to flourish. Assessments are also a convenient place to start performance and career path discussions.

For the advancing professional, we often take assessment a step further into 360 Degree Feedback, which includes assessment by one’s boss, peers, direct reports and in some cases clients.

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Is your professional team Highly Effective, Moderately Effective, or Ineffective? Find out now. Take the self-scoring Leadership Team Behavior and Skills Assessment.

We use only online assessments that we have been certified to administer.  Ethical use of assessments is important to us, which means that we don’t simply test people, we also educate, debrief and coach them on the meaning of the results, as well as develop an action plan to address challenges.

We have a deep set of assessment tools to draw upon, including:

  • MBTI:  Individual leadership style and communication preferences
  • Birkman:  Personality assessment and a series of related report sets that facilitate team building, executive coaching leadership development, career counseling and interpersonal conflict resolution.
  • EQi and EIP:  emotional intelligence, individual and 360 Degree Feedback
  • Executive Dimensions 360:  Leadership strengths and challenges 
  • Denison Culture survey:  workplace environment
  • Team Survey:  health and effectiveness of the team

Contact Us TodayAt SBPC, we believe that assessment is so important that we often begin our client engagements with individual assessments combined with interviews of personnel.  The interviews add another level of assessment, i.e., information on the organization.  Interviews are a powerful combination with individual assessment as the interviews work to reveal the current or “as is” state of an organization.  The two types of assessment—individual combined with interviews provides an informed starting point for individual and organizational performance enhancement. 


Performance Clients' ROI
On Average, Performance Clients Experience:
  • 30% to 50% Sales Growth
  • 80% Greater Top Talent Retention
  • 30% Reduction in Daily Operations Time
  • 100% Alignment of Key Players